Connection Groups

Join us this Sunday Morning at 10:00 and get enrolled in our New Connection Groups Bible Study Classes. These classes are geared to fit different needs in your life as well as help you grow as a Christian and find new Christians to Connect with. You will have the option to pick your own class and that will be your class for six weeks; after, you will be able to enroll into a class that you have not been a part of. Connection Groups include:



Everything in life needs a foundation to stand the winds of time. Building a life on the sure foundation of Godís Word will strengthen your Christian life to withstand the trials and tests of life. This Connection Bible Study will encourage you to get plugged into our church family and find practical ways to share your faith with others.


Making Home Work

Each Christian home should be built upon the unchanging principles of the Word of God. This Connection Bible Study will provide practical ways to have a Christian home and fellowship with other families who are striving to make home work.


Believe and Belong

Now more than ever it is important to not only know what you believe as a Christian from the Bible but to be able to properly share it with others. This Connection Bible Study will provide solid answers from Godís Word to help you understand Bible doctrines on Biblical truths.



The issues of life must be answered from the Bible. This Connection Bible Study will provide solid answers from Godís Word on issues ranging from what God says about going to war to our personal accountability to God.


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